WPCRM Suggested Products

Discover the product's your customers should be buying 

Suggested Products

Have your customers been purchasing hammers but not the nails? WPCRM's Suggested Products uses your existing data and artificial intelligence to identify the products your customers should be purchasing based on data pulled from your other customers with similar purchasing habits. 

Easy to use thumbs-up and down provides feedback that further enhances the recommendations.

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Easily Select and Take Action on Product Suggestions

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  • Create a Task
  • Send a New Quote
  • Build an Opportunity
  • Set a Meeting


Reinforce suggestions with thumbs-up or down to improve the success of the suggestions.

Take action on the suggestions and easily create a quote, opportunity, task, or meeting.

Visually see the products being suggested with a full-integration to your ERP or e-commerce system.

Build trust with your customers by providing them with suggestions that they are interested in.


Suggested Products in Quoting

Built right in to the robust and powerful WPCRM Quoting, sales reps can easily add complementary products into their quote without having to skip a beat.

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