WPCRM Training Webinars

Attend the WPCRM monthly webinars to ask questions and dive deeper into specific areas of WPCRM.

Webinar Training Webinars

WebPresented will be hosting free monthly training webinars that admins can attend for a deeper dive into specific areas of the WPCRM system. Each session will concentrate on a certain module of WPCRM to provide a focused walkthrough of the capabilities and best practices.

WPCRM training webinars will be a great learning opportunity for new and experienced WPCRM users alike, as each webinar will introduce new approaches and alternate ways of applying WPCRM.

Upcoming Webinars

If you have suggestions or something specific that you would like to see added for future webinar sessions, please share a note in the forum discussion.

February: TBD

Wednesday, February 12 at 2 PM

March: TBD

Wednesday, March 18 at 2 PM

To view past webinars, please visit the Resource Library.