CRM Features

Our Full Box CRM provides value right out of the box with the features your team needs to improve processes and elevate your business.

WPCRM Quote Management feature

Live ERP Quoting

Quoting directly from the ERP can be limiting and unappealing, but with WPCRM, your team can create beautiful quotes with customizable templates to standardize your brand.

Check pricing and availability with Live ERP updates and automatically convert quotes to orders to eliminate time and reduce errors.

Actionable Analytics

WPCRM's Actionable Analytics transforms data from your ERP into meaningful and useful information that your business users can act on to create a business advantage. WPCRM is easy to use and even adds simplicity to your processes. The end result? More information at your fingertips and better insight into your business.

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WPCRM Customer Scorecard feature

Customer Scorecard

Get a 360 view of the health of all your customers backed by data from Actionable Analytics. The Customer Scorecard will provide you with valuable and often hidden insight into the true health of your customers. Identify at-risk customers and based on their recent buying patterns, taking into account their purchasing Velocity, Frequency, and overall Sales

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Mobile Business Intelligence

WPCRM transforms your company’s quantitative data and performance metrics into actionable reports, dashboards, and executive-level reporting to drive decisions. Using actionable analytics, your sales force will be empowered to make sound decisions to alter performance and improve customer satisfaction. In the office or on the go, users can access the data from any location with their smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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WPCRM Marketing Campaign Management

Integrated Marketing

WPCRM's Integrated Marketing tools allow users to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns. The campaigns, which make it easy to build lists of complex business data, promote efficiency and help the sales team to better manage customer expectations. That translates into more time for selling, less time wasted on problem-solving, and fewer dissatisfied customers. In the end, more leads are converted to actual sales.

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WPCRM includes Basic CRM functionality
- Account Management
- Contact Management
- Opportunity Management
- Activities
- Tasks
- Gmail/Outlook Integration
- Appointments
- Notes

WPCRM offers Advanced and more features than other CRM's
- Drag and Drop Sales Pipeline
- Google Maps Integration
- Advanced Search Capabilities -


By utilizing WPCRM Service, the Sales team will be more equipped on the front line by having insights to all customer activities. Customer Service can track all interactions with customers by generating help desk tickets that give the entire team a 360 degree view into the customer experience.

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Outlook/Exchange/Google Integration

Integration with day-to-day messaging applications such as Microsoft Outlook allows for sales professionals to be more efficient with their time by decreasing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. Sales professionals who maintain a high level of efficiency typically experience an equally high level of success. Likewise, managers can use this feature to keep their sales teams organized and accountable by scheduling tasks, managing schedules, and monitoring performance.

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Collaboration Tools

Cross-departmental collaboration is essential within an organization to provide a consistent and continual level of value for your customer base. WPCRM provides your organization with the tools to share customer-related activities with the exclusive Activity Feed. Managers can use this to keep track of the inner workings of the sales team, while the sales team can benefit from the widespread communication through all the departments and improve the overall customer experience. .

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ERP Integration

WPCRM delivers an unusually high level of ERP integration expertise, due to the fact that several core members of our architecture and development team have extensive experience working directly with and for large global ERP companies. WPCRM is designed with a proprietary ERP connector that enables rapid integration with [diverse ERP systems], as well as the ability to rapidly integrate with other third party software. Simply contact us if your ERP system is not on the list. The end result? Increased visibility and immediate access to relevant business data at all levels of the organization..

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