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Graphic Solutions Group

Using Data from the ERP System to Drive and Focus Marketing Efforts

Business Challenge

With tens of thousands of customers and a diverse product offering, providing relevant information to appropriate individuals is a big challenge for GSG. Having previously used Constant Contact to send bulk emails, GSG found the lack of integrated profiling capabilities, and the lack of ability to see what had historically been sent to which customers, made management of campaigns difficult.

The Solution

WPCRM’s integrated Marketing capabilities entirely replaced the previous solution, enabling the Marketing team to profile customers based on their previous buying patterns, ERP-extracted demographic information, and using the advanced Business Intelligence metrics built into WPCRM.


The rate of customers opting out of email communications from GSG has diminished from roughly 10% prior to WPCRM, to virtually nothing (<0.5%). Says Mark Granberry, company President: “We are delighted with WPCRM’s Marketing features. The ability to pull a list of customers who have purchased specific product lines, and immediately send them information is priceless. Now our Sales Teams know exactly what our Marketing Team is sending to our customers.”

WPCRM has massively improved how we communicate with our customers. We are now onfident that every customer communication is on the mark

Mark Granberry


Graphic Solutions Group (GSG) is a regional distributor of Graphics and Sign Supplies, based in Dallas, TX. GSG’s brand is synonymous with cutting-edge and what’s “cool” in the screen and sign industry, so its Marketing Communications need to reinforce that top-notch corporate identity. GSG’s relies heavily on email communications to keep customers and prospects informed of promotions, events, seminars, and product information and pricing changes


WPCRM is a new generation of CRM- designed by salespeople for salespeople. The application is highly intuitive, user-friendly, and fully integrated into distributors’ backend ERP systems. The tool reaches far beyond traditional CRM, to areas such as Quoting, Mobile Order Entry, Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predictive Analytics. WPCRM, WebPresented’s Sales Enablement tool, helps organizations and individuals create value using smart technology solutions that marry with business processes.