Grow your wholesale distribution business faster

WebPresented is the leading CRM, quoting, and AI-driven sales enablement platform built specifically for wholesale distributors. We help streamline sales processes, manage customer relationships, and accelerate business growth.

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Built for distributors by distributors

WebPresented CRM (WPCRM) provides capabilities to support the specific needs of wholesale distribution companies. It enables real-time integration with distribution-specific ERP to provide the most relevant information for sales teams. It requires less IT administration and includes easy-to-use configuration tools.

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Create a sales culture that drives results

WPCRM improves the consistency and management of sales operations by making sales process visible and predictable. It interprets data from ERP to guide your salespeople to take the most important actions to drive sales. The next best action can be taken or assigned directly from built-in analytics.

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Trust, relationship, expertise

WebPresented takes a consultative approach to understand and align with your initiatives and strategic goals both at deployment and during continued use. Our distribution experience and best practices help optimize your sales teams and we continuously  share market insights to help adapt your processes.

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Hundreds of pre-built integrations

Have other vital tools you wish to sync with WP? Integrate what you need and harness the power of consolidated data in WPCRM.

Hubspot Marketing
Infor Birst
Ring Central
Microsoft Teams
Aldrich Web Solutions

Our Clients Get Things Done

“We’ve been using WP for over five years, and I’ve got full adoption from my sales team and internal staff.”


“We use the opportunity pipeline to move more sales quickly from the initial prospecting stages to acceptance by the customer and beyond that to the onboarding stages.”

William Efird, VP of Sales

Johnstone Supply NW

“It helps our sales team manage their days, their weeks, their months. They work their pipelines, and they have data at their fingertips that help guide their decisions they make, to make our business stronger and better.”

Heather Teasley, VP of Digital and Marketing


“How I evaluate software tools is from a user engagement standpoint, and that’s where WP stands out.”

George Temple, Director of Customer Experience


“It’s nice to be able to look in WPCRM, and in just a couple seconds see the data I need. I don’t have to ask all the sales people what they have in the funnel. Just a couple of clicks and we can pull that information up.”

Scott Dennis

Agilix Solutions

“We really like the organization and the people. They were always willing to help out and walked us through the entire process. I’m proud that we made the decision that we did, and we’re excited to get started with it and see where it goes.”

Luke Gazaway, National Sales Manager

Southern Marketing Affiliates

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