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Based in Columbus, Ohio, WebPresented is a fast-growing leader in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). WebPresented’s WPCRM is an intelligent CRM that was built specifically to integrate with enterprise level ERP’s. WebPresented will change the way your sales team view CRM. WPCRM is the only “Full Box” CRM that syncs customer data from your ERP and delivers it back to your sales team as actionable intel. Our customers are seeing the highest technology adoption rates ever because WPCRM is very easy to use, uncovers customer buying habits and pinpoints new areas of revenue. By using cutting-edge technology to tap into existing data, enterprises can successfully gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

WebPresented WPCRM customers have been able to save thousands of dollars by choosing WPCRM over some of the larger “Empty Box” CRMS. Predefined templates coupled with native integration to their ERP minimizes implementation costs, increase agility, and simplifies the application footprint.

Unlike other companies that focus only on the technical side of things, we believe our software is more business savvy than most. The WP team members approach everything from a business point of view. Our consultative approach to working with customers is making a difference for thousands of customers.

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Our Values

We are humble, yet hungry for success. We are always listening for new ideas, and ready to share our perspective. We are open to learning, but have plenty to teach. We are prepared to move quickly, and recognize everyone has their own pace. We know that respect is earned slowly and lost quickly.


Responsible – Candid – Engaged – Empowering

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Self-Motivated – Passionate – Adaptive – Can-Do


Selfless – Supportive – Uplifting


Intelligent – Insightful – Creative – Witty

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