A new best friend for your sales team

Equipped with an established implementation roadmap, the expertise to make it work and a proven track record for success, WPCRM mines and analyzes your company’s existing ERP data to empower decisions and enhance performance. Designed specifically for distributors and manufacturers, WPCRM provides the data and ideas to drive your business forward.

WPCRM Benefits

Actionable Analytics

With actionable analytics, the sales data from your ERP is transformed into meaningful and useful information, giving your business the data-driven advantage. It’s a more advanced approach to business intelligence that goes beyond the standard reporting most businesses use.

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Real Time Quoting

WPCRM is tied directly to your ERP system to provide real-time pricing and product availability. Your sales team is more efficient because they can access reliable information from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Mobile CRM

WPCRM allows sales users to quickly and efficiently capture key details while they are out in the field. Lightening fast and straightforward to use, WPCRM eliminates stress from a busy day of selling.

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Marketing Automation

Take your marketing processes to the next level with powerful tools that fine-tune efforts and further segment customers. Our software has far-reaching capabilities, making it possible to target specific groups based on actual sales data.

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Built using the foundation of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the WPCRM Service Desk provides an enterprise-grade solution for achieving, tracking and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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ERP Integration

Leverage the transactions in your ERP system to provide value to sales users. Seamless integration with your ERP reduces duplicate data entry and streamlines your business.

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