No more guesswork

AI-driven actionable analytics

Well-informed Wholesale Distribution businesses are more strategic in their decision-making. Here’s how actionable analytics removes the guesswork to give you the data-driven advantage.

WPCRM Benefits

Analyze Buying Trends

Gain a greater understanding of customer purchases by item, item class/subclass, vendor and more.

Understand Customers

We give you a 360-degree view of what the customer wants so you can be prepared to ask and answer questions.

Track Stoppage

Receive alerts when customers deviate from their existing purchasing habits, such as when they’re overdue on a regular purchase.

Suggest Products

So your customer bought the hammer, but not the nails? Past buying trends and relevant promotions will automatically trigger suggestions for complementary products.

WPCRM Analytics & Integrated Business Intelligence

Solves one of the biggest challenges for a salesperson; determining what actions to engage in first. Plaimaker analyzes customer data and activity history to provide suggested tasks that drive sales and discover opportunities you’re overlooking.

WPCRM Account

Customer Scorecard

Make the best use of your time by quickly identifying at-risk customers with the Customer Scorecard—then prioritize tasks and sales activities accordingly.

  • Quickly identify the customers that need attention
  • Drill down and discover the triggering changes in buying patterns of products
  • Understand the behaviors of your customers based on industry best practices
  • Analyze purchasing trends to recognize customers reaching concern
  • Easily take action based off of real-time customer data

Suggested Products

Discover the products your customers should be purchasing based on your existing data and artificial intelligence. WPCRM’s Suggested Products provides sales reps with smart suggestions to uncover new sales opportunities with customers.

Do More with Your Data

  • Discover new sales from cross sell and up sell opportunities

  • Understand the health of your customers in an instant

  • Identify purchasing habits and recognize stoppage habits

  • Gain trust from your customers by providing AI-based product suggestions

Fully-integrated to your existing processes

Have other vital tools you wish to sync with WP? Integrate what you need and harness the power of consolidated data in WPCRM.

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