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Plaimaker is an app that solves one of the biggest challenges for a salesperson; determining what actions to engage in first. Plaimaker analyzes customer data and activity history to provide suggested tasks that drive sales and discover opportunities you’re overlooking.


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Discover Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities You’re Overlooking

Your sales team is provided with plays (or “Plais”) that help expand accounts and uncover new sales.

Recognize and Address Customer Stoppage via Buying History Data

Notifies your team of the most important opportunities based on customer importance.

Improve Customer Relationships, Pricing, and Margins

Provides structure and purpose to sales departments by proposing what to sell, how to sell, and whom to sell to.

Let’s Plai

  • Plaimaker analyzes customer data to provide real-time insights and personalized sales strategies.

  • Each play (or “Plai”) contains personalized recommendations about responding to the situation.

  • Use location services to map routes or find prospective customers located nearby.

  • Plaimaker’s unique learning algorithms remember your feedback and continually improves accuracy.

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Swipe to Grow Your Sales

Plaimaker resonates with a “swipe left, swipe right” mentality that drives excitement into everyday tasks. The app uses AI algorithms to match sales team members with the best opportunities and customers based on their needs and interests.

  • Swipe left to decline a task.

  • Swipe right to create a to-do.

  • Swipe up for immediate action.

“I’m thrilled to share how the WPCRM mobile app and Plaimaker is already providing significant ROI to our sales team. One of our sales professionals used the app to quickly access the open opportunities for a customer he was visiting. The customer was prepared to award the opportunity to our competitor, but because of the information available in the WPCRM mobile app, we were able to engage other members of our team and turn the situation around, securing the deal. This opportunity was in excess of $250K!”

– Tayden Hartsfield
Director of Sales, Design Air

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