WPCRM for Distribution Executives & Management

Distribution is our first language

From tracking sales to managing team activity, WPCRM has the features you need to stay on top of your game.

Executive Dashboard
Increase Sales

Review Sales Team Performance

With customizable dashboards and reports, view daily progress and sales from your team to stay focused on goals.

Automate Processes

Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows to streamline processes across your whole team.

Budget More Effectively

Understand the health of the business today and plan for tomorrow with sales reports and WPCRM’s forecasting tool.

Sales Tools

Drive Sales with AI-Insights

Provides structure and purpose to sales departments by proposing what to sell, how to sell, and whom to sell to.

CRM Truth

Your Source of Truth

Improves consistency and management of sales operations by making sales process visible and predictable.

Tools to Greater Success

Easy-to-use WPCRM, interprets data from ERP to guide salespeople to the most profitable actions that drive sales.

Review sales team performance with dashboards

Now you can always stay up to date with the inner workings of your sales team. One report lets you know the current status of customers, prospects, vendors, and more.

Out-of-box reports include:

  • Daily Sales with Margin Averages
  • Monthly Sales compared to Projected Sales
  • Track close rates, won/loss rates to understand why you lose
  • Open AR Balance
WPCRM Sales Rep

Forecast with Pipeline Management

Within Opportunity Management, the pipeline displays open opportunities and their expected close date by month or day, providing you with better insight for budgeting and planning.

  • Manage multiple opportunity processes and stages within the pipeline
  • Track the days an opportunity is in each stage
  • Include required fields to ensure all pertinent data is collected
  • Manage multiple projects at once with Job Management
  • Create workflows to streamline more complex processes with multiple people involved in the project
WPCRM Sales Pipeline

Build automated processes with Workflow Automation

Easily add workflows throughout your processes to automate customer touch-points and ensure consistency across the organization.

Automate workflows in as few as three steps:

  • Save searches to target your customers
  • Set the triggering criteria: the AR balance reaching 120 days, an opportunity stage is moved, a new contact or lead is created
  • Create an action to take place when the triggering criteria is met: sending an email, creating a task, approvals are required
WPCRM Executive AR workflows

Built to support specific needs of wholesale distribution companies

Ensure a higher level of quality control and allows us to provide seamless support tailored to the distribution industry’s needs.

  • 100% in-house solution: from development to deployment to service
  • Requires less IT administration
  • Includes easy-to-use configuration tools
WPCRM Quoting

“We chose WPCRM because they have a proven track record of being able to do the integration. People talk about integration, but what does integration really mean? WP is a company I have a tremendous amount of respect for and who has a proven track record of being able to deliver the integration to the back-office products, which was critical to us.”

– Matt Hartman
President of FST Logistics
former founder of a software company and long-time advocate of CRM

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