Powerful tools for better results

Marketing Automation


WPCRM's powerful integrated marketing tools make it possible to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns. The campaigns, which allow you to build segmented lists of complex business data, promote efficiency while helping your sales team manage customer expectations. That means more time for selling. Less time wasted on problem-solving. And fewer dissatisfied customers. In the end, more leads are converted to actual sales.

Our advanced marketing capabilities include:

  • Measuring ROI for e-marketing efforts
  • Detecting and responding to buying patterns
  • Addressing white space cross-selling opportunities
  • Recognizing and correcting stoppages in customer buying behavior
  • Setting up drip campaigns
  • Integrating with social media


Take your marketing initiatives to the next level with the integrated power of Marketing Automation softwares like Act-on, Marketo, and other top solutions.