WPCRM for Marketing Professionals

Stay on Target
WPCRM's Integrated Marketing provides the visibility, usability and tracking tools to create communications your customers can't ignore. 

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Collect and track customer demographic information

WPCRM is the central hub for your organizations back office solutions and can track customer demographic information from the ERP, such as basic account data, key contacts, sales data, AR balance, and any communications.

  • Contact and Account Merge Tools keep information clean
  • Integrated to the ERP and other tools so information is available from day one
  • Create new fields to track important customer information

Build targeted contact lists based off of complex data 

With WPCRM, build segmented contact lists based off of account, contact, and sales data for targeted marketing campaigns. Reach specific customers with targeted email messages for better engagement and results.

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An integrated CRM in the wholesale distribution industry stores important contact and account information, sales history and trends, service requests, account purchasing habits, marketing automation, and so on. There is an abundance of valuable information in this existing data that can be leveraged to uncover new sales and opportunities.

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Send marketing campaigns through WPCRM's Marketing Automation Tool

With WPCRM, easily create good-looking marketing campaigns with the help from customizable templates and editor tools. WPCRM makes it easy to send effective marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. 

  • Personalized Messages
  • Marketing Templates
  • Drip Campaigns
  • KPI Tracking

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Integrate with your existing Marketing tools

Marketing Automation
WPCRM integrates to third-party Marketing Automation tools like Marketo, Mailchimp, and Act-On to combine the power of WPCRM with advanced marketing capabilities. 

Send marketing campaigns based off of customers activity within your e-commerce site, such as abandoned carts, products they recently viewed, or follow-ups after a recent purchase.

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