5 Ways Infor ERP Users are Driving Sales with CRM and AI 

5 min read - June 20, 2024


Infor remains one of the leading ERP systems for distributors. While Infor is excellent at helping you handle inventory, manage invoicing and track shipments, the system lacks capabilities when it comes to improving sales.

In this blog article, we discuss the five ways Infor users can leverage CRM technology and AI to increase sales and improve sales operations within their businesses.

Turning ERP Data into Sales Enablement Tools

Your Infor ERP instance is filled with critical information, but how do you turn this data into sales opportunities? More importantly, how do you ensure your sales teams use the technology to their advantage?

The answer lies in providing salespeople with all the information they need to do their job, within a single view.

Some CRM platforms, like WPCRM, do this by integrating with tools salespeople use every day. Within a single account view in WPCRM, you’ll access data from third party systems such as D&B or LinkedIn.

WPCRM also provides salespeople with pertinent sales data from each customer. You can drill into an account’s overall health, uncover purchasing trends, see order history, and review suggested products. With such vital information at their fingertips, salespeople can quickly and effectively make data-driven decisions, recommend the right products, and increase sales.

AI in Quoting to Increase Sales

The quoting process is critical for distributors and the ability to generate quotes quickly is even more essential. If your Infor account and CRM are integrated, generating quotes shouldn’t be a problem. You can likely create a quote with pre-populated data from ERP including header information, contact recipient, and ship-to information.

When adding specific products to a quote, a robust CRM will also provide real-time data on pricing and availability. If you take it a step further, some CRM platforms like WebPresented add a layer of AI. When a product is selected, WebPresented analyzes thousands of data points and serves up what we call Suggested Products. These are often products a customer has purchased in the past or products similar companies also tend to buy.

With a CRM like WebPresented, not only is your quoting process seamless through its integration with your ERP, but you’ll also see upsell and cross-sell opportunities that improve the entire quote-to-cash process. Learn more about WebPresented’s quoting capabilities here.

Leveraging AI in Distribution Sales

Infor’s use of AI is still in its infancy. Right now, AI is used in inventory and warehouse management and logistics. Where Infor’s AI capabilities fall short is within sales processes and lack insight into deal health, customer health and recommended next actions.

That’s where CRMs like WPCRM can step in. One area you can leverage AI in sales is through automated reports. Within an account, you can generate a customer report that uses AI to analyze customer communication history and uncover their purchasing trends. All that information then automatically creates a done-for-you branded PowerPoint presentation for the salespeople to use when meeting with customers. The presentation comes complete with your logo, the customer’s logo, contact information, and other important metrics such as quarterly sales.

Our AI technology also pre-populates key action items for salespeople to follow. Within the “notes” section of the PowerPoint presentation, you’ll see a series of recommended actions that a salesperson can take based on AI intelligence.  

In addition, you can compare a company’s performance with a “lookalike” company within their industry or geography to see where they stack up.

AI features like this save salespeople dozens of hours of research and presentation building, plus supercharges their efforts with data-based tips to drive revenue for their companies. 

Accessing Data on the Go

Infor ERP data like pricing and warehouse availability are essential for salespeople. When on the road, however, salespeople are forced to call the office numerous times for basic information.

With WPCRM, salespeople are armed with a mobile app that provides all the static and dynamic information they need. They have access to advanced customer data and real-time pricing, warehouse availability and more making it easier to make sales on the go. The data is presented in a simplified manner while being extremely simple to use and take action on. In addition, salespeople can set appointments, take notes, create quotes, and use GPS technology to work efficiently while on the go.

Give Salespeople What They Want

Demographics for salespeople are shifting to a much younger workforce, many of whom are digital natives. They crave technology and AI to do their jobs, much like they use in their everyday lives. Rather than relying on manual tools and spreadsheets to do their work, younger workers are eager to use technology.

While the distribution industry is slow to adopt technology, many businesses are staying ahead of the curve by making those investments early. Infor users leverage WPCRM’s cutting-edge technology such as our mobile apps, a simple and intuitive user interface, and helpful AI tips to train, attract, and retain talent.