How CRM Improves the Quality of Customer Interactions

3 min read - June 6, 2022


Customer Relationship Management, or “CRM” systems, are tools designed to improve the relationship companies have with their customers, grow their sales, align data, and improve efficiency. Through CRM businesses can track relationships with clients, personalize their interactions and collect useful insights. The biggest key to a successful CRM is demonstrating high user engagement and adoption that creates high customer satisfaction.

Over a three-part series, we will be diving into traditional CRM challenges and WPCRM solutions. In this article we will discuss ways to improve customer interactions with your sales team.

Value to the Key Players

Some of the most important users of a CRM platform are the sales team. Your sales team is always looking for three things: simplifying their work, improving customer interactions, and increasing sales for the company. Providing the correct tools for your team to be successful in their role is crucial to helping them differentiate themselves in today’s selling environment. That’s where a CRM steps in. It should drive opportunities that will drive customer connections.

The Donut Run 

Picture your sales representative stops by every first Friday of the month with donuts to stay in touch with their clients. In this moment, they don’t have access to a CRM tool, which means they don’t know (without hours of work discovering data) what the client may need, what they could purchase with your company, or if they are low on product. The relationship can turn surface-level and less of a working partnership. Giving your sales team the right tools to be knowledgeable before walking into customer’s offices provides them with the power and platform to be successful.

A salesperson should be adding value to the customer through products, solutions, and insight. Customers are demanding more and expect a salesperson to provide solutions. By providing insights and solutions, which can be gained from CRM, salespeople can differentiate themselves from competitors.

WPCRM Solutions

A value-add CRM, like WPCRM, will provide insights into customer interactions such as: quoting activity with inside sales, service issues or technical work being performed, online storefront activity (abandoned carts and items searched), marketing engagement, and even potential project work that is in the bidding process.

WPCRM displays intelligent and actionable data in an easy-to-consume manner, so sales reps don’t have to search for what they need to improve customer interactions. Our platform is accessible anywhere and fully integrated into your data, system, and Outlook, which allows for sales planning, budgeting, and customer specific interactions.

Now don’t get it wrong we love donuts but providing solutions to your biggest client will leave a better impression. So, bring the donuts but utilize WPCRM to allow your sales team to come ready with recommendations and a better understanding of what your client might need at that exact moment.


See how WPCRM solves these daily challenges for sales representatives, companies, marketing teams, and more. You can schedule a demo here to view first handed.