How CRM Improves Work Experience for Sales Teams

4 min read - July 8, 2022


This series highlights how CRMs are designed to improve the relationship companies have with their customers, grow their sales, align data, and improve efficiency.

In the final part of this three-part series, we’re exploring how a CRM can and should improve the work experience for end-users. We know sales reps want to engage in positive customer interactions, make more sales (and money), and have a simplified work process for a better work-life balance.

We’ll walk you through the importance of providing your sales team tools for success, creating efficiencies through automated workflows, and saving time for improved work-life balance.

Providing Tools for Success

Companies are expected to provide high-quality and easy-to-use tools to enable teams to succeed.

WPCRM addresses these expectations in a multitude of ways, including mobile accessibility and a centralized view of their accounts. We like to think of WPCRM as a toolkit enabling reps to gain more opportunities and revenue generation while becoming more efficient at their jobs.

WPCRM mobile accessibility function does not require any access to VPN or ERP – it’s automatic. We make it simple for reps to access our platform from anywhere for notes or viewing data, just minutes before a meeting.

Mission Control is the home screen that is customizable and provides a centralized view of account data. We can easily configure Mission Control to give teams special access to different data depending on the sensitivity, preference, or importance.

Creating Efficiencies through Automated Workflows

Your sales reps have workflows that are constantly changing. They’re often questioning themselves with thoughts like:

Did I enter notes after I got back from that meeting yesterday?

         Do I have any follow-up tasks planned for Customer ABC?

         Which customers do I need to contact today?

Your sales reps should know the answer to all these questions without spending hours compiling data.

That’s where WPCRM comes in. It’s a CRM that is not only there to track and analyze data, but to create an organized and accurate workspace for your sales reps.

Our software provides an automated workflow function with predefined actions for customized outcomes. This includes action items like automating email follow-upsopportunity creations, and so much more.

We don’t want your sales teams living in CRM for hours and hours – we want them in and out quickly with the exact data they need. We understand these actions typically take up precious time, so let WPCRM do the heavy lifting for your team.

Help your sales reps say goodbye to the weekend work of recording all their calls from the previous week!

Saving time for a better work-life balance

Work-life balance has become an even bigger buzzword in the employer space while we continue to navigate working in a post-pandemic era. Sales reps and their managers are generally considered high-stress positions with many moving parts.

When sales teams are happy, they’re going to perform better! It’s as simple as that. We understand the importance of job satisfaction in today’s job market landscape.

WPCRM decreases employees’ working hours, which can reduce the risk of losing good team members and increase the company’s reputation. It’s not enough anymore to ensure employees love their work, but also have the time to enjoy life outside of work.

Company leadership should consistently be asking themselves, “How are we providing work-life balance to our teams?”. They should also be providing solutions to the question.

WPCRM provides better work-life balance through these features:

● Tracking all emails sent connected to an opportunity

● Automating workflows such as email follow-ups to customers

● Planning daily tasks efficiently through the customizable Activity Feed

● Contacting customers quicker through integration with Outlook and Google Maps

There are so many other ways WPCRM can improve the job experience for your sales reps. We know WPCRM can make all the difference to your improving sales, your employees’ job satisfaction, work-life balance, and providing a more efficient job work environment.

Ready to learn how WPCRM can help improve job experience for sales representatives, companies, marketing teams, and more?

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