How to Use CRM to Your Benefit: Sales

3 min read - March 30, 2021


Let’s take it back to the basics. At WebPresented, we’re always onboarding new clients and end users. One of the most commonly asked questions from new users is “How do I use this to benefit me?”. CRM sometimes gets a bad rep and is often looked at from the outside as an energy consuming, helicopter-manager-enabling monster. With the proper education and training (not to mention an easy to navigate UI), users quickly realize that CRM is a time saving, process streamlining tool. CRM is friend not foe.

In order to get you the best possible information, I went straight to the source – a current CRM user who works in sales. This is what they had to say:


CRM allows you to have visibility into ALL customer communication, not just conversations you’ve had, but conversations everyone from your company has had with the customer (think accounting, sales, service). CRM also gives you visibility into all of the tasks, tickets and meetings the customer is involved in. Basically, CRM helps you stay super informed.

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Opportunity Management

Yes, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but it doesn’t just focus on customers. CRM lets you manage both lead/prospect and customer opportunities. It gives you a visual view of your pipeline and allows you to see exactly where your prospects are in their buying journey. For existing customer, CRM helps you discover new sales from cross sell and up sell opportunities.

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Actionable Analytics

With CRM, the sales data from your ERP is transformed into meaningful and useful information. Meaning it’s no longer a jumbled mess of words and numbers on an Excel sheet. It’s a more advanced approach to business intelligence that goes beyond the standard reporting most businesses use. A good CRM will use artificial intelligence (AI) to turn data into next steps that help you increase sales.

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Quote Management

“It’s an easy way to put together and manage quotes” (a quote about quoting). A good CRM streamlines this process and makes putting a quote together as easy as ordering an Uber in Columbus (for those not familiar with the area or app, it’s REALLY easy). CRM provides real-time pricing and product availability. You’ll be able to access reliable information from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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